Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why are you not making money from adsense?

By vizdom

I personally know many those who hardly make 1$ per day with more than five blogs.This hub is for them..Here are your main reasons...

Some illusions people have.

1) If you think you can build a website and within weeks make good money you are wrong.

2) If you think its easy to make money using Google you are wrong

3) If you have been told you will make easy money from Google you have been lied to.

4) If you have a 1, 2, or 3 page blog on blogspot, blogger, etc, that is about making money on the internet you will NOT make any money.

5) If you steal your content from other websites to put on your website you will not only not make money, you will most probably never get into the google search engine.Unique content always pays...

6) If your website is a copy of other websites then very few people will visit it and even less will return.

7) Most people selling websites that they say make money are LYING. Only suckers buy them, they are the only people making money from it, not you.So dont get into it.

What must you do to make money on the internet..

1) Love making websites. - If you don't like making new content then you will fail. You must enjoy making content more than you enjoy making money.

2) You MUST have an established website with good traffic BEFORE you have a google adsense if you want to make money. You will only get about 10% of people visiting your website clicking on the advertisements. If you lucky.

3) If you have less than 1000 per day visiting your site you might as well stop wasting your time, and get a job in the real world. 1000 visitors = 100 clicks, = $10 if you are LUCKY.

4) That $10 for an entire days worth of work.

5) You must have a niche field that other people want to read that is NOT about making money. A hobby site, or other interest is better.

6) You must know html to be able to change your site to best use Adsense.

7) You must have your own domain name - very few people on make much money.

8) You must have good ranking in Google to get the visitors you need to survive.

9) You must be prepared to make 10's to 100's of webpage's of your topic.

10) You must make fresh pages every week (at least) to attract people and get indexed in the search engines.

11) The best sites do NOT use a blog template, because the old content is lost, and that old content is also good to earn money from. Use a normal website template with links to your articles on the front page.

12) You must have good language skills, good writing skills, and a good idea about how to write for the internet. "What I did today" type blogs will not make you much if any money. There are literally millions of blogs about the minutiae of peoples daily lives, you need something better (or have very exciting days)

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