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The Biggest List Of Google Adsense Alternatives On The Net

When it comes to online advertising Google Adsense, undoubtably is the leader. If you follow their guidelines and TOS you can make good money from Adsense. Most of the blogs and sites depend on Google Adsense for revenue.

But not all webmasters and publishers are happy with Adsense and are constantly looking for alternate sources for revenue. Sometimes Google just bans a publisher account for click fraud or not adhering to their policy or take away their earnings citing invalid clicks. And no further explanations are given. As a publisher or a blogger you have to look for alternate revnue sources, even if you are holding an Adsense account. There are many ad programs that you can run along with Adsense ads.

Google will not release payments unless you reach the minimum payout of $100, which may take a small blogger or publisher ages to reach. Recent news about Adsense cutting payments to publishers are another concern for small publishers. There are other ad networks with much lower minimum payouts that they can try.

Many people have found success without using Adsense. John Chow made $23,448.59 in October, 2007 without a penny from Adsense. All of his earnings are from private ad sales, affiliate commissions, ReviewMe, Text Link Ads, Kontera, TTZ Media, subscriptions and ShoppingAds. Everton at Connected Internet made $15,179 during the same period out of which only $4,904 came from Google Adsense.

It might be intersting for bloggers from India to know that Thilak at TechBuzz made $3061.30 in April 2007 without using Adsense(this data is currently not available as the blog is revamped now).

For the webmasters who are either not accepted into the AdSense program, or do not want to use Adsense ads, the following Google Adsense alternatives will be worth having a look. The list contains more than 160 adsense alternative sources which contains everything from CPM, CPA, CPL, CPC, Shopping networks, Contextual ad programs and affiliate networks.

Entries with asterisk next to it is reviewed here at HubPages. Clicking on them will take you to the review page. Others in the list also will be reviewed and posted here soon. At present clicking on them will take you to the respective programs.

Here are the list of Google Adsense Alternatives (By SunSeven) ;

  1. Absolute Agency
  2. AcceleratorMedia
  3. ad pepper media
  4. adagency1 *
  5. AdBrite *
  6. Adconian
  7. AdDynamix
  8. ADEngage
  9. Adgenta QAds
  10. adgridwork
  11. Adicate
  12. Adify
  13. AdJungle
  14. Adknowledge *
  15. AdlandPro
  16. Adlink Media
  17. AdMentum
  18. AdMob
  19. AdOrigin
  20. Ads-Click
  21. ADSDAQ Ad Exchange
  22. adsmarket
  23. AdSmart
  25. AdToll
  27. Advertlets
  28. AdVolcano *
  29. AffiliateFuel
  30. AffiliateFuture *
  31. Agendize
  32. AmaSensAds
  33. Amazon
  34. Ampira Media
  35. Anastasia International
  36. Auction Ads *
  37. AVN Ads *
  38. Axill
  39. AzoogleAds
  40. Bannerconnect
  41. BannerSpace
  42. BardzoMedia
  43. BClick
  44. Bidvertiser
  46. Black Label Ads *
  47. BlinkAccess
  48. BlogAds
  49. BlogKits
  50. Blogvertise
  51. BlueFN *
  52. BlueLithium
  53. BurstMedia *
  54. buyat
  55. Casale Media
  56. CBprosense
  57. Chitika *
  58. Claxon *
  59. ClickBank
  60. Clickbooth
  61. Clickhype
  62. Clicksor *
  63. clickXchange
  64. clixGalore
  65. CNet Shopper
  66. Commission Junction
  67. Commission Monster
  68. Copernic Media
  69. CoverClicks *
  70. CPX Interactive
  71. CrispAds *
  72. CyberBounty
  73. DarkBlue
  74. Dragon Media Online
  75. eBay AdContext
  76. eClickZ
  77. Enhance Interactive
  78. eType Europe
  79. eType USA
  80. ExpoActive
  81. Fair Ads Network
  82. Federated Media
  83. FineClicks
  84. FluxAds
  85. Gorilla Nation
  86. Her Agency
  87. HispanoClick
  88. Hyperbidder
  89. IncentaClick*
  90. IndustryBrains
  91. InterClick
  92. Interevco
  93. JoeTec
  94. Komli
  95. Kanoodle
  96. Kontera
  97. LinkBliss
  98. LinkLike
  99. LinkShareAds *
  100. LinkWorth
  101. MaxBounty
  102. MetaReward
  103. Microsoft adCenter
  104. Mirago *
  105. MIVA *
  106. Money4Banners
  107. MoreNiche
  108. NeverblueAds
  109. Nixxie *
  110. Nuffnang
  111. OneMonkey
  112. Opt-Media
  113. Oridian *
  114. Oxado *
  115. PayPerPost
  116. PayPopUp
  117. Pheedo
  118. Phorm
  119. PointRoll
  120. PopUpTraffic
  121. Premium Network
  122. PrimaryAds
  123. ProfitCenter
  124. Project Wonderful
  125. PubMatic
  126. Pulse 360
  127. Quigo AdSonar
  128. QuinStreet
  129. Real Media *
  130. RealCast Media
  131. RealTechNetwork
  132. Revenue Science
  134. RevenuePILOT *
  135. ReviewMe
  136. RevoClix
  137. Right Media Exchange
  138. Robert Sherman Company
  139. ROI Rocket
  140. Rydium *
  141. Searchfeed
  142. Shareasale
  145. Sponsored Reviews
  146. Strategic Affiliates
  147. Targetpoint *
  148. Text Link Ads
  149. Textads Dot Biz
  150. TextWise
  151. TNX.Net
  152. Trade Doubler
  153. Traffic Marketplace
  154. Tremor Media
  155. Tribal Fusion *
  156. TTZMedia
  157. ValidClick *
  158. ValueAd
  159. ValueClick Media *
  160. Veoda
  161. Vibrant Media SmartAds *
  162. Vizu Polls
  163. WayPointCash
  164. Web Advertising
  165. WebSponsors
  166. WhenU
  167. WidgetBucks *
  168. Yahoo Publisher Network *
  169. YesAdvertising

Friday, December 28, 2007

You Can Earn $100 A Week Without Spending A Dime

Making money with articles is not as hard as it seems. When you are trying to make money with articles, you don’t really need previous career related experience. You can learn everything you need to know from the Internet. You can learn new skills along the way to make your living online. You can become an expert in one area by picking up new skills gradually. When you are writing articles, you have to keep your readers in mind. A lot of the readers scan through article rather than reading it. So your article should consist of a good title, plenty of subtitles and bullet points. A good title should draw readers’ attention quickly and bullet points will make them easy to find the information they are looking for. Make money with article is easy. 1. What to Sell: You have to decide what product you want to promote and make money. You can sign up for or as an affiliate. Here you can find a lot of good products to sell. You can choose something you know a bit about or something you like but please make sure it is a top product in its category. 2. Research Keywords: Next, you need to know how to choose keywords that can help you get a good amount of traffic, without being too competitive to get on the first or second page. Keyword Suggestion Tool is a handy little tool that will help you to determine which phrases are searched most often on both Wordtracker and Overture. 3. Write An Article: Then you can write an article about the subject of the product you chose. You should carefully calculate the keyword density for SEO purposes. At the end of each article, don’t forget to include a resource box with your affiliate link that you are promoting. 4. Submit the Article: Submit that article to every free article directory you can find. You may want to modify the resource box, title or some words in one of the paragraph slightly with each submission. It’s fairly easy and everyone should do it. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a cent. Repeat these steps until you are earning more than $100 a week. Once you start earning more than $100 a week, you can spend some of your earnings hiring freelance writers to write for you. These freelance writers will ghost write articles for you and you own the copyrights of these articles. You can also invest some money on article submission software or getting an article submission service. Ghostwriting and submission service allow you to spend more time working on other aspects of your online business and make more money. - Casey Yew

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Business Cash Advance - A Support Hand For Your Business

Business cash advance is a working capital advance available to help a venture to tide over a cash shortage period. It is also known as bad credit cash loan because one can get this help with a bad credit score as well. It is a small business advance ranging from $2500 to $600,000. This kind of finance is the advance on a credit card, which needs to be repaid via your credit card receivables.

It is one of the various payday loans. It is different from regular payday advance loans. Instead of any proof of employment, it checks the credibility of your work on the basis of acceptance of Visa or Mastercard as payment sources for your outlet. It does not ever check your credit score. The amount of the business cash advance depends on your merchant account receipt. - Alice Smith-


  • Very easy to get cash loan in the form of a payday advance.
  • No need for a guarantor or collateral.
  • Does not check your credit score.
  • No lengthy procedures like other commercial loans. Can receive the money in as little as 10 working days.
  • No need to repay the business payday loan to the lender company. Gets paid back automatically when Visa or Master Card payments are processed.
  • Uses

    There can be many reasons for you to apply for Business cash advance. You may want to set up a new venture and might not be able to find any financial institution ready to give you loan, you may want to expand your company or you may be facing a financial crunch in your trade. For any of the above reasons, one can easily look forward to cash loan for business.

    How To Apply

    The best places to look for cash loans are banks or financial institutions specially dealing with finances. However, the most convenient place to apply for a Business cash advance loan is online and you can have the funds deposited directly into your checking account. Before applying, try to educate yourself regarding cash advances for business, system of calculating interest rate, pros and cons etc. Apply only to the organization that offers loans at a low annual percentage rate and has no hidden fees. Also, make sure that the organization offers full security regarding your personal and professional information.

    Business cash advance provides you with cash to start a new business, to expand your existing business or in the times of cash crunch in your business. Whether you take a business bad credit cash advance or a small business cash advance, you can get either easily online, just make sure that you have done a through check on the organization offering you these business payday loans as it does on your repaying capacity and credibility.

    Tuesday, December 25, 2007

    What you need to know about Mail Order Fraud

    When the mails are used to intentionally misrepresent a product or service it constitutes Mail Fraud. The Royal Mail Postal Inspection Service is charged with investigating violations of law, usually in response to consumer complaints. The best way to protect yourself from Mail Fraud is to recognize that it is fraud and not become involved. This is not easy to do because of the attractive wording in the deceptive ads. Anything that sounds too good to believe is suspect. Medical formulas and gadgets that make insane promises are probably insane and you should stay away from them. Especially be cautious regarding some of the thousands of different weight loss products and overnight cures. Never purchase land through a mail order ad unless you or your personal representative has seen the land, to determine if it is as represented and that the value is there. If the sales person has shown you the property report you can cancel your purchase agreement within seven days. If no report was shown to you before signing an agreement you have the right to cancel out within two years. There are a number of insurance frauds floating through the mails. Requests to sign blank insurance forms, last chance bargain offers, payments in advance and cash payment requirements could indicate a con artist at work. Of course, most everyone has received chain letters sometime in their lifetime and if you are in the mailorder business you should get several every day as a minimum. Chain letters are illegal
    and do not work anyway. Need we say more? We've all seen the ads offering job placement and job opportunities. Most of them are legitimate but some are 100% non existent or complete misrepresentations. Do not spend your money for the required fee until you have checked with your local Citizen Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Office. Then there are those who promise huge profits without risk in commodities, stocks, oil, gold, silver or coins, through the mail or over the telephone. There are hundreds of very fine investment opportunities offered but you can't risk your hard earned cash, or in some cases people have lost their life savings to mail order or telephone swindlers. Several of the larger, well recognized firms have gone bankrupt through internal fraud and management manipulations carrying their client's investments right down the drain with them. Always use caution and investigate the company thoroughly before you put up one penny. Another favourite of the crooks is home improvements. Quite often you never see them after you sign a contract and pay them a deposit to do the work. If they sends you brochures through the post and the work they perform is not as represented by the information it could constitute mail fraud. Get estimates from local service companies to determine if the price of the mail order offering is reasonable and in line. Check the references of the organization. The laws, regulations and paperwork involved in setting up franchise operations are horrendous. Various large distributorship are equally difficult to establish but generally do not have to conform to near as many controls and regulations. On the other hand, some mail order distributorship and wholesale outlets require very little effort and the home company has little control over their activities. If profits promised are unrealistic or if the product or service is secondary to selling the franchise or distributorship, proceed with caution.

    Monday, December 24, 2007

    Just Visit Fast Money Stock Picks and Learn The Stocks

    Interested in involving in trading such as forex, or at least have a dream to be the next millionaire online just by trading money? It is surely darn high risk dream, you better ready mentally, physically and crucially from financial aspect before you dare entering this online business. Many of people has lost billions online and many has received millions in this trading world. The only things you need is guts, money, and brain! You need first know the flow of the current currency, predict the movement, and seek more and more knowledge before you can test the market. You should learn from the expert, steal the skills and jot down their tips. If you want to be the next forex or money stock millionaire, you must never ever give up. Even if you fall, make it as a start to rise. =) As I said before, be full prepare - mentally, physically and financially. In my opinion, never use any loans to involve in this trading. It is better if you used your own money, remember, you always play with risk in this field. So, to avoid fights and sue cases, never use somebody else money, in case you lost the trade.
    I am pretty sure for those who enjoy trading or watching the flow of money stocks, you surely would not miss any chance watching Fast Money Show and surely dying to stay on top of the latest stock picks from this show. If it is the case, your life would always be in accurate schedule and there would no freedom for you to enjoy your life, socialize with friends at anytime right? Then you might need fastmoneystockpicks that would do all the work for you! Don't worry if you have missed the show because the team will try as hard as possible to watch all the show for you, and write the review just for you to have that extra time for yourself.

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    Start With a 5 Cent Business

    The 6 Essentials Every Internet Business Owner Must Possess

    Starting a business online is easy. Just buy a package or sign up for a pre-packed system and you can be an internet billionaire next month with nothing to do but run to the bank and cash your checks.

    I do not know why people who are normally full of common-sense and who are wary of hyped-up sales pitches fall for these online hucksters. The old adage states: "If it looks too good to be true it probably is" holds even more true for internet get-rich-quick schemes than anything else.

    The truth is that there is a lot of money to be made on the internet and that will continue to hold true for many years to come. The opportunity to become an internet millionaire or billionaire has not passed you by. BUT no one got rich overnight on the internet and no one got rich without doing some work.

    There are many different methods and formulas for making money on the internet and there are even more ways to lose money on the internet, but before you spend a lot of your money take time to study and learn so you can better judge those opportunities that come your way.

    All you need to really start your own business online are these six qualities:

    Time is the most important ingredient for your success. If you are looking to get rich quick or for overnight success then starting a business from scratch is not the way to go. Once you know what you are doing then you can often leverage your existing customer base or traffic into a quick income whenever you choose but it takes time to build something of worth. It will take months before your new web site or blog is even listed in most search engines and likely it will take you longer to build up a list of interested potential customers. Money and knowledge can cut down the wait time but remember it will take time to build up your knowledge.

    Money is the second most important ingredient for your internet business success. While you do not need a big budget and I offer a free tutorial about how to start an internet business on a shoestring (see end of article), you will need some money to get started effectively.

    Patience is another key ingredient for business success. As I mentioned before, it takes time to learn what you need to know (and after seven years in this business there is still a lot I have to learn) and then it takes time to put those strategies into effect. Even more than that, it takes time for your new strategies to begin to work for you. While most of us come to expect immediate results on the internet it does take time for search engines and visitors alike to notice when you make a change to a web site or blog. Many internet entrepreneurs lose patience just when they are on the cusp of success. Most people who fail at an internet business simply did not possess enough time and patience. Most people who succeed at online business did so by sticking it out.

    Passion is an often overlooked element of success. One of the ways people work through the early learning and tough times is that they are passionate about their business. This is why so many gurus suggest you start with a niche that already interests you. Not only do you not have as much to learn about that area but you will be able to be real when you begin promoting your business. You do not have to fake your enthusiasm and passion will carry you far.

    Creativity is another must-have for the budding entrepreneur. Think outside the box and beyond what is immediately available in your niche. Creativity can help you start, build, grow and promote your business in terms of products and publicity and partners.

    Finally, you quite simply need brainpower. You do not need to be the sharpest crayon in the box but you do need to be open to new ideas and willing (in fact eager) to learn. Never assume you know everything or that you cannot learn. Once you fall into either of those traps you are doomed.

    If you possess these six key qualities: time, money (just a little), patience, passion, creativity, and brainpower then you can make a success of an internet business.. and for further details, just ask Deanna Mascle for tips about Starting A Business Online.

    Basic Facts About Leasing - Dealing With The Leasing Companies

    Following are certain basic facts about leasing:

    • Leasing is preferred over buying as one has money in the bank for other purchases even after equipment leasing.

    • Monthly payments in case of a lease are smaller than regular loan payments.

    • According to the SBA, following are the most common items that are leased:

    o office equipment o computers o Trucks and vehicles.

    • Leasing equipment provides consistency with expenses and increased cash flow.

    • An entire purchase, including software, hardware, consulting, maintenance, freight, installation, and training costs can be financed easily.

    • Leasing has the ability to maintain up-to-date equipment and also allows one to add and upgrade equipment to meet future needs. Thus, the risk of being caught with obsolete equipment is transferred automatically to the leasing company.

    • Equipment leases generally range from $ 2,000 to $ 2 million.

    Following are some things to be kept in mind while dealing with the Leasing Companies:

    • As the company selling the equipment works with more than one leasing company and makes a direct referral to a leasing company with which it does business, it is very necessary to get quotes from a number of leasing firms before leasing equipment.

    • Before taking a final decision, it is advisable to ask for referrals from friends and business associates.

    • You can take the help of brokers as they tend to have valuable insight about the leasing market. They are beneficial as they can also help you find the best leasing solution for your needs.

    • While dealing with any type of salesperson, do the required homework so that you are able to handle the due diligence.

    To conclude, you just need to negotiate the most favorable lease agreement for your company. Find out more about this and equipment financing by visiting this site.

    Used Car Parts Can Have Great Value

    Doing occasional tune ups and taking care of your car and your auto parts is nothing new. You will always need to maintain your car even if it’s old or brand new, with oil changes and checking the engine. So it would be better for you financially to choose good quality second hand parts.

    Getting used car parts is like looking around for a second hand car. You should look for the parts in the same places you would normally to get a second hand car. You can look for the parts in the classified ads, check different shops that would sell the parts or the easier way would be to go and surf on the internet. It would save you time and effort.

    There was time when these parts could only be found at the dealerships and mechanic stores. Now searching for used parts isn’t that’s hard as long as you remember a few things. You should know exactly what you need, what part goes with your car etc….Once you know what part you need you can figure out how much you are willing to pay for the part. Some parts don't have to be the original. There are parts that can be bought at surplus or a compatible part from another car make and model enabling can be used making a person save money for other things.

    Once you get all the information you need you can check out either local shops or dealers, let say to find some good ford auto parts. You can also go check out junk yards, because a lot of parts there can be used again. Or searching the internet where you could also order the parts and it would be delivered.

    So don’t make excuses about fixing something on your car, the faster you do it the better the outcome. Don’t wait till its too late.