Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spock - The World's Leading People Search Engine

There are many search engine for people available online but none, that I know of, has the same features and huge number of benefits as Spock.com, "THE WORLD'S LEADING PEOPLE SEARCH ENGINE.". Spock.com, a search engine leader has done their homework.
They want to over deliver by creating an amazing software which is the first editable search engine for finding people on the web organized by relevance. They included the most wanted worldwide features and removed any monthly or high priced fee; in fact it is FREE! They tried just about everything to make this really entertaining and useful for global community.
They give access to anyone of different countries and regions to add their real name, their own picture, tags, weblinks, and associate with other Spock's members. This will help people to find anyone they want to search for in English Language.
Spock.com was created on 3 main criteria that every member who want to add information must followed: * Distinguishing - The information added to a search result should have an enough value to the searcher. This is important in order to help distinguish one person from another. * Objective - The information should be specific and the character of the person mentioned should be stated clearly. * Respectful - No offense are allowed. Member should remember the aim is to help people find other people. The services requires no payments, fees, hidden costs or monthly high priced fees. In order words, this service is FREE 100%! As a direct result of searching, "The World's Leading People Search Engine," I am really satisfied with all these benefits. I found J.K Rowling ( the famous Harry Potter's author ), my favourite magical author on Spock just by entering the keyword English Fantasy Writer. This is definitely a "Must Have." If you join Spock.com, it's like having an extra investigator to search for those who you have lost contact with. Join Spock.com and see how many people you can found! Besides, it is good for networking purposes. ^^
Spock.com - "The World's Leading People Search Engine"