Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Bubblenator - Makes a Bubble On Your Pic!

I always wanna pimp up my photos, add a little cute graphics, with glitters and add fancy cartoon caption to make the photos look outstanding and nice... Usually, I'll search in the best search engine - Google and all web that would provide me with the pimp up tools that I used to make that girly and extravaganza look at my photos ... I just love to re-create it, whether on my personal pictures or on my photos collection that I get from all sources. People always say that one picture has thousands of meaning inside it, depends on how we interpret it. It's obviously true. I love to jot down anything, the feelings of each picture with a cool, fancy caption. I also used the caption just a reminder on special things, like a picture on my birthday celebration.. =) All my closed friends know bout it, it's MY habit to redesign pictures. Lol! One of my friend, suggest me to use The Bubblenator to do the stuff I love without a need to download the software or anything. Just visit the site, click on the button and there you go! Plus, I also can use the bubblenator to add on pictures that I wanna put on any of my site! Cool!

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