Thursday, December 20, 2007

Make A Living in The Statue Of Liberty Estate

There's no doubt that New York is the best city to live in. I myself have a dream to at least spend a week in the elite and advance city as a tourist, and if in any case I have a chance to live a life there, that would be my pleasure! I bet so do you right? I mean who would left such a great place and a city of pride with the Statue of Liberty in their rich US land ? you might wander what is the cost of an average home available in the New York city, am I right? Based on the current report, the cost is about US$600,000 upwards, meaning that the cheapest home available in New York would cost you that amount which is quite expansive I believe. However, compare tothe economical level in New York, that is a fair price and we do need to realize that the real estate there is very costly as New York appeared to be such a large and important city in US. However, if you wouldn't really cared about money, but more onto the quality living, then you should consider to invest in some excellent real estate in New York and handsomely receive 20% of your investment every year. Yeah, you heard me folks. And CityCribs is all you need where you can start finding the largest selection of rental luxury or absolutely no fee New York Apartments. Have I told you that not only New York Apartment, you are freely to search an apartment for rental or buying in almost all the cities in US.

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