Saturday, December 1, 2007

Homes For Sale

I remembered few days back when my father's old friend mentioning that he has just buy a new great house with a great location and the best is, with an enormous discount! Man, what a luck! I thought during this economic situation with an increasing of price for almost all goods,there would we impossible for he to get such that damn great offer price! Is there any homes for sale event that offering 100th year sales, just like platinum sales or whatever? hehe... Well,maybe it's not because of luck at all, maybe the role of real estate agent that should be put into count. Is there any home for sale that's offer such a great price out there? I've been thinking about buying a house and rent to people who's looking for it. I can make pretty handsome monthly income from it right? ~ Sigh!~ Well, That's my plan for future... what I want to achieve or do in my life before I reach 50 years old! So, I still searching and looking for it through the net... Who knows I might get some nice offer out there. For anyone who's looking for a great business to involve in, I strongly felt that real estate is the one. Real Estate is one of a good niche to invest with for a long term profit. Don't you think so?

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