Friday, November 30, 2007

Do I need to have life insurance?

Many people out there still believe there's no need to have any life insurance, they don't even know what is it "life insurance" actually? Just wasting money buying all that crap! Definitely they didn't get a chance to get to know/ didn't have any effort to learn all this things.. crucially on the importance of having life insurance whether it is for individual or for the whole family. People shouldn't think that spending their money into this life insurance is just wasting their money. In fact, they should think on the advantages of having own life insurance for a long-term protection. Everybody definitely needed to have life insurance whether you are a career people, unemployed or even a housewife - there's no specific on who should have this life insurance. we should remember; life insurance is not a state lottery. Its purpose is to cover any unexpected costs that a family unit cannot afford or that would put the family's financial situation in peril. At this stage in our life, the main concerns to plan for are funeral costs, and unexpected estate taxes. Life is the best place for you to Find the best term life insurance quotes by using our instant and anonymous online term life insurance qoutes system. For those who is looking to buy a life insurance I would personally recommend Life Insurance Service as this unique insurance website didn't acquired customer to mess around with little things and always make things easy for them. here, they offer the customer to access their databases of life insurance without asking any personal data. for more details regarding life insurance to protect the future of your business and your own future, why don't you have a look on what life insurance is all about in details.


Internet Marketing Tips said...

I think it depends on your situation. If you are the sole income provider, and you need a certain amount for your lifestyle, then I would say yes.

But I honestly believe it is overrated. I would have other sources for income to cover these sorts of things. Whether real estate or whatever, it is much better to take the amount of money you will pay into life insurance and invest it somewhere much better.


ladyheart said...

Thanks for the voice out your mind Mike. Yeah, it does depends on individual's situation. however, I personally felt that it's better if I
invest a little part of my income to protect my future. lets say if unfortunately something bad happened to me and the result from that, I couldn't work like before. At least what I've invest for my life insurance can help me support my life. That's what I think... =p