Monday, December 3, 2007

Save When You Can

Man, my dad always nagging when it comes to spending on stuffs which he 'thinks' not so important. And just because of that, I need to save on something, especially on computer stuff, ink-printer or inkjet cartridges for example. ( I can't cut off my internet expenses... sorry! ) However, I'm teenager, who loves art works, design, all the cutey pictures on the net, I can't help print it out - with colour of course, not just in white and black! yeah2, I know... Colour cartridge is lot more expensive.. and I shouldn't using it just for fun eh? well, for that reason, my dad bought me Hp 56 Black cartridge.. - Thanks dad!

I need to use colour cartridge back, I don't mind if it's hp printer cartridge or just ordinary cartridge - it's OK as long as it's colour cartridge and the picture comes out nicely. There are tons of favourite pictures that I want to print out immediately to add in my collection again! The only solution for me right now, is to start begging dad to increase my allowance a little bit.. Hehe. Good strategy right? After all, I'm his daughter! =p I can’t think of any other ways right now, and I can’t use my own income. That’s for my future investment. Sorry!

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