Friday, December 7, 2007

Earn Cash With Online Bckgammon

Mister Gammon is one of the best online backgammon games in the net today. With 7 language available in the site, surely players from all over the world wouldn't have a problem to enjoy playing or competing in world-class online backgammon tournaments. The site look very neat and simple, not too crowded with advertisement and banners, just a nice 3 column site. You can download the backgammon room software for free and the best is, you get free $5 as a welcome bonus with no deposit required! Anyway, the reason why I highlight this site not because of the hot backgammon games or tips alone, but I can see a potential for us ( home-based worker) to make a great money through this site. Firstly, we can get cash and fun of course just for playing all the world class backgammon online games, without spending a penny. Secondly, we can earn cash too by referring others to this site. Hey, have I mention that you can get a fixed lump sum of money per player when they sign up, or the the percentage plan which gives you 25%-40% of the lifetime revenue that your backgammon players generate at Mister Gammon. Not only that, you can also earn 20% on all the sub-affiliates that you refer to play magnificient games in Mister Gammon.

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