Friday, December 14, 2007

Is The Hotel's Price Ever Bugging You?

Each time I went for a holiday,things that I concerned the most is food and where I'm gonna spend the rest of the day - hotel. Well,I'm a bit fussy about both things. Things I look at when
booking a hotel is the price (whether reasonable or not, and of course I preferred the cheaper one, lol!), the rest I can just closed my eyes. Hehe. Usually I'll check out the net, surf for the best price offers based on the location I decide to spend on my holidays and this site is the best site which I refer to. I love to use their services because of the lowest rates guaranteed and I don't have to make any deposit first, I can easily pay later when I arrived to the location. That's great, let say I have an emergency situation that might lead me to cancel the trip, then I don't have money to lose / burn as I don't have to pay anything to reserve it for me in the first place! =) I would definitely consider 4 amazing places for my holiday and 4 great place to rest after a long day which are:
  • Prague Hotels ( Prague) - For its famous Prague castle, and Old Town Square.
  • Greece Hotels (Greece) - For its historical valued and touring island.
  • Athens Hotels (Athens)- A place to rest after enjoying the amazing ancient Agora ( I don't know what the hell is it, and my curiosity would bring me there one day!)
  • Amsterdam - For a famous Dam Square and van Gough Museum. Besides, Amsterdam Hotels is one of the top destination for travelers who wanna make UK as their holiday destination.
And of course, I would like to have a bite on each unique foods in each places above. Can't wait for a long holiday, lol! =)

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