Wednesday, May 2, 2007


It isn't the billions of ideas, that pop up in the minds of humans around the globe that make money. Very few ideas are worth the time it took for the thought. Most ideas are fleeting 'sparks' that go no place and are forgotten before the next day. Of the ideas that are very good, very few are followed up and ever end up as a worthwhile development in the market place. Most people are just not oriented to do anything about their ideas, while others believe it would take too much of their time or leave them open to others taking advantage of their original idea and benifiting themselvs. The situation is wide open for the person who can'create' profitable ideas, and then invest some time and money in following through the idea to completion. There are three major formats you can use to create profitable ideas: 1. Find something that already exists, the presence of which has never been known before. 2. Invent something. Most inventions are merely new arrangements of things that have already been invented. 3. Alter or improve in any number of different ways something that already exists. As you create ideas, write them down. What you dream up can be your key to great wealth. Keep your mind open as you go through each day. What did you notice in the department store that would reduce costs, save money or increase sales if some simple procedure were added or something changed?

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